Balance System


The cutting die - the most important tool in the production process of a cutting and creasing press - does not only include cutting rules, creasing rules and an efficient rubbering. A perfect pressure compensation is of particular importance. With the formula which was used by the die-makers for many years the results often were not satisfactory. The urgently required compensation of the pressure resistance succeeded very seldom. The saving of compensation rules never was worthwhile. The emerging higher set-up effort was always more expensive than the saved expenses. Often very time-consuming patching make-ready and even effortful zone patching make-ready was necessary. The associated idle time of the machine often was considerable.

The Balance System of Vossen Profitec provides the possibility for an all-over balance. The newly developed formula which is based on the machines‘ specific force per cm² calculates the cutting area and thus the pressure compensation exactly. With support elements, made of special technical plastic material, the system establishes a perfect plane parallelism and balance in the cutting area and provides an harmonic cutting process.

The Balance Elements are mounted in the four corners of a cutting die, the Balance Rods are mounted in the rear or lateral area of the cutting die. Amount and positions are calculated by a CAD module (PackDesign® by BCSI Systems BV) especially developed for this system. Both parts have studs on the bottom to mount them in the cutting die. The necessary holes are also specified by the CAD module and cut with the laser. The Balance Elements ans Balance Rods can easily be inserted or removed by hand as required. The machine operator himself is able to create a perfectly balanced cutting area within a very short period of time.



  • Less rubbering
  • Constant result with scoring-counter-scoring
  • Long knife protection
  • Undisturbed machine running
  • High machine running speed
  • Perfect balance in the cutting area
  • Constant cutting results
  • No more cutting variation
  • Harmonic cutting process
  • Very short set-up time
  • Fast set-up of repeat orders
  • Very little patching make-ready
  • Hardly any section make-ready
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