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Strip Clip  System is a stripping system with two different tools: Strip Fork and Strip Clip.

The Strip Forks are upper tools made of special steel and are located in the upper stripping board. They are available with one or three stripping pins with or without thrust teeth.

The Strip Clips are the bottom tools of the Strip Clip System. They are made of premium quality plastic material and are mounted into the lower stripping board. In combination with the different Strip Forks it is the Strip Clips' job to strip all kinds of waste pieces in all sizes.

During the stripping process Strip Fork and Strip Clip grab the waste pieces and strip them absolutely controlled. Absolutely controlled means that the waste pieces are being clamped between Strip Fork and Strip Clip and guided downwards controlled.

Detailed operating instructions of the Strip Clip System for die-makers as well as machine operators are available on request and payment of a fee at Vossen Profitec. Moreover we offer an extensive training program we recommend urgently before using the system.

With the aid of the CAD software module PackADM, which was developed by BCSI Systems BV especially for our needs, the preparation and application of the Strip Clip System components is possible without any problems. Gladly we are offering our support during the initial phase by setting up the first files for you or checking your prepared files.

If applied the right way Strip Clip System guarantees reliable and clean stripping for a smooth machine running without any stops.

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