The original sets the benchmark

30 years ago Franz Vossen had the idea to technically and economically optimize the patching make-ready in the cutting and creasing press.

Up to this point patching make-ready was a painstaking and even unpleasant work for the machine operator. Rubberized brown papers were moistoned with a sponge pad or the tounge to make them glue. In the United States they at least offered papers with vanilla or peppermint flavor (not a joke).

With the development of a technically well-conceived product, which was optimized by the Vossen Profitec® company for more than three years, the folding box and cardboard industries were offered a patching make-ready system with logical organization. Self-adhesive and on a dry base this new Vossen Profitape® made moistening the patching make-ready tape completely unnecessary.

Different colours make it easy to identify the various thicknesses of the Vossen Profitape®. The original widths of the Profitape of 3 and 6 mm later were completed by the widths of 12, 20 and 30 mm. For the first time the application allowed a perfect handling.

Since then the world of the packaging industry uses the Vossen Profitape® patching make-ready tape and praises it as the worlds' number one in patching make-ready.

Profitape is the only patching make-ready tape "made in Germany" - still a synonym for high quality and proper functionality.

As inverntors and developers of the Original Profitape® we are very proud this product originates from our house.

We would be delighted if you continue to use the ORIGINAL.

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